Breaking down the turning point in Seahawks badly needed win vs. Lions in Week 2

Unlike last week, the Seattle Seahawks were able to capitalize on momentum shifting opportunities.
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Let's be honest, the whole idea of the Detroit Lions buying into the villainous role with the wearing ski masks adding another element of swagger is greatly exaggerated. This is a team that practically all of America is rallying behind because of how bad they've been over the last decade. Coming off the biggest win for that franchise in years, defeating the Chiefs in Week 1, it presented the Seattle Seahawks with a great opportunity to show what they are made of, and as Pete Carroll said, play with "anybody, anywhere, anytime".

There is no hiding from the fact that Seattle got "punched in the mouth" in Week 1 against the Rams, at home, nonetheless. But, Pete Carroll is a master motivator and regardless of the injury report entering this game, I think many assumed the Seattle Seahawks would come ready to play. That is indeed, what they did. Setting the tone at the start was important, but overcoming adversity on the road later on in the game in a hostile environment proved what this team has the capability of becoming.

Pete Carroll is famously known for his "can you win the game in the 4th quarter?" question after close games. Ironically, the Seahawks almost lost this game in the 4th quarter. Up 10, poor decisions resulting in penalties and highly questionable decisions by Geno Smith resulted in this game going to overtime. But, Seattle prevailed, and one play in particualr, helped them grab this much needed win.

Turning point in Seahawks Week 2 victory: Big time paid defensive player makes big time play

To be quite honest, when watching this game, I was afraid this was going to be about more Jason Myers kicking struggles. Which, side note, is pretty surprising considering he only missed 3 field goals last season. A number he's already matched in 2023! But, back to the topic on hand. A huge component of Pete Carroll football is winning the turnover battle. Uchenna Nwosu's forced fumble in the second half changed the trajectory of this game.

After the opening offensive possession for each team, it felt like we were on for another shootout, similar to their matchup last season. But, for the remainder of the 1st half, it felt that each defense sort of settled in. Entering this matchup, many feared how well the Seahawks offensive line would hold up given both Charles Cross and Abe Lucas were ruled out. Shoutout to Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan for an incredible performance.

While there were many different plays to choose from for this thread, I felt the Nwosu fumble really set the tone for the rest of the second half. Nwosu, who got a contract extension prior to the start of this season, was relatively quiet in the home opener. Even in this game, he was being held in check. But, to start off the second half, he had great pursuit and ripped the ball open, resulting in a turnover. Three plays later, Kenneth Walker III scored his second touchdown of the game, tying it up, 14-14.

In my opinion, if the Lions scored any points (field goal or touchdown) on their opening drive of the second half, it would have added more pressure on this Seahawks offense to respond immediately. However, by forcing a turnover and scoring within 40 seconds of said turnover, Seattle had renewed life. More importantly, renewed confidence. It was now 0-0 with a whole half left. The players' mentality, and coaching aspect all changed as opposed to being down 10 or 14 on the road with a crowd that was drooling for a win.

In fact, the Lions responded and scored a touchdown on the following drive to go up 21-14. But, only being down a touchdown allowed the Seahawks to continually run the ball, keeping this offense in a nice rhythm. After the Uchenna fumble, Seattle scored on 4 of its next 5 possessions. One of those touchdowns was Tre Brown's house call, snapping Jared Goff's streak of completed passes without an interception. The other, coming in overtime, featured Tyler Lockett finding the end zone for a second time, prompting the ski masks to be brought out in a ruckus Seattle locker room.

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