Seahawks might luck into a Day 2 2024 NFL draft gem who would be a long-term starter

Seattle should cross their fingers this player falls in the draft.

Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks have done an interesting thing in free agency. They have addressed most of their roster holes but 12s cannot be sure of the exact quality the team now has. Seattle might be fantastic next season, and its defense drastically improved under new head coach Mike Macdonald, or the team could be terrible with a bunch of new players who truly are not very good collectively. Plus, Seattle's offensive line looks awful right now and that could hold back the team from any great success.

The offensive line currently looks like Charles Cross at left tackle, anyone's guess at left guard, potentially Olu Oluwatimi at center, possibly Anthony Bradford at right guard, and either George Fant or Abe Lucas at right tackle. That's a mess (no offense, Mr. Cross!). As Seattle hasn't done a lot to sign any definite starters along the interior offensive line in free agency, this might imply the Seahawks are going to draft a couple of guards, at least.

Many mock drafts have Seattle taking Washington's Troy Fautanu and inserting him at left guard. This would be a great move as Fautanu has all the makings of a Pro Bowl player. But if he is, that still only means that the left side of Seattle's O-line is solid and the rest is extremely iffy. Bradford was fairly terrible at right guard in 2023 and there is no guarantee he will ever be very good.

Zak Zinter would be a great 2024 NFL draft pick for the Seattle Seahawks

This is where the Seahawks' luck might kick in. Michigan's Zak Zinter appears to be able to start and play at a high level in the NFL. Unfortunately for him, he suffered a major leg injury late in the 2023 season. He broke his tibia and his fibula against Ohio State and is still recovering. He did not work out at the NFL Combine and he was not able to participate in pro day drills in Ann Arbor.

This could very likely cause him to fall in the 2024 NFL draft for two reasons. One, he is a guard and for the most part, true guards do not go highly in a draft. Secondly, NFL teams get scared off when a player is recently injured and they are not sure of that player's long-term health because of a bad injury.

The key with Zinter, though, is he broke bones and did not suffer a joint injury. This means he should fully recover and once having done so, he should not be susceptible to hurting the same body part again. If Zinter falls to the third round, which is extremely possible due to his position and injury, Seattle should absolutely take him.

Zinter is 6'6" and 310 pounds with the frame to gain 20 more pounds. He is not the quickest of guards, but he is stronger than most. He was also well-coached at Michigan and his technique is very good.

While it might be unusual if Seattle stands pat with the first picks they have currently - one in the first round and one in the third round - the Seahawks could conceivably choose Fautanu in the first round and Zinter in the third round. Two guards with a team's first picks might not be exciting, but Fautanu and Zinter might also help fix the Seahawks' offensive line for the next half-decade at least.

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