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Did Geno Smith save his job with his Week 16 performance?

According to Yahoo! Sports' Frank Schwab, the Seattle Seahawks likely saved their season with a late comeback against the Tennessee Titans. This is debatable as Seattle might have still been able to make the playoffs with a little help and as long as they won their final two games. But Schwab also said that Geno Smith might have saved his QB1 job with the late touchdown pass he threw to tight end Colby Parkinson with a bit under a minute left against Tennessee.

First, Geno Smith was going to remain QB1 even had Seattle lost. Pete Carroll doesn't like change anyway so making a move to replace Geno Smith with Drew Lock wasn't going to happen even if Seattle lost to the Titans and then lost to the Steelers. Smith is under contract for two more years while Lock is a free agent. Should Seattle choose to go with Lock in 2024, the team will still need to re-sign him and hope they do not get outbid by another team.

Schwab also pointed out that Seattle's offense was struggling against a "poor Titans pass defense" and this simply is not true. A pass rush is part of pass defense and the Titans were getting a lot of pressure on Smith early and often. Seattle's rhythm was thrown off because of the pressure, not because Geno Smith and his receivers were not connecting.

While the Titans are lower in the league in terms of quarterback rating allowed, Tennessee also is 16th in yards allowed per completion (11.0) and sixth in touchdown percentage per pass (3.4). The Titans are not good but that is because of their offense. Geno Smith was efficient. He also didn't need to save his job.