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Jamal Adams says a funny thing about Devon Witherspoon

After Week 7, safety Jamal Adams was asked about rookie Devon Witherspoon. Maybe that's because Witherspoon plays like a smaller version of Adams. Both players have an abundant amount of energy, both seem to have an unnatural ability to know when the ball is going to be snapped and therefore have extremely quick first steps on blitzes, and both Adams and Witherspoon attack opposing receivers once those receivers have the ball in their hands as if the receiver has just stolen Witherspoon and Adams' moms' milk money.

But Adams had an interesting response when he compared his rookie self with Witherspoon's rookie year. Adams said he "was a**" and that Witherspoon is quite the opposite of that. To be fair, Adams was not bad in his rookie year as he had 9 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 83 tackles, and a forced fumble. Witherspoon plays corner instead of safety like Adams, of course, but Witherspoon already has 2 sacks and he has a pick-six.

Thankfully, as Adams and Witherspoon play two different positions (in fact, complementary positions), Seattle can have both players on the field at the same time. Seattle's secondary has been much more talented over the last couple of years after the Seahawks added Riq Woolen in the 2022 NFL draft and Witherspoon in the 2023 NFL draft, but a player of the ability and versatility of Adams makes the unit complete.

Now we just have to hope that everyone stays healthy. While Adams and Witherspoon are terrific because they do several things at high levels, losing either one affects the defense as a whole.

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