Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Riq Woolen, Stone Forsythe and Jerrick Reed II

  • Jerrick Reed steals something
  • Pete Carroll gets miffed
  • Riq Wolen gets hurt
  • Stone Forsythe shines
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The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Detroit Lions in Week 2 in overtime 37-31 to move to 1-1 in the 2023 season. Seattle beat a Detroit team in front of a bunch of Lions fans who were as pumped for any game they had seen in decades. Lions fans believe in their team this year, and they should. But Seattle was the better team in Week 2.

Seattle won despite missing both starting offensive tackles and despite kicker Jason Myers missing two of his three field goal attempts. The Seahawks weren't perfect, but they won. And they were certainly better than they were in Week 1 when they looked atrocious.

Can Seattle play better? Yep. And I mean that as a positive because Seattle played well enough to win against a good Lions team even though Seattle didn't play its best. There might be some postseason hope after all in 2023. Here is some news for your Tuesday, though.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll gets extremely and rightfully miffed

Pete Carroll might be one of the most positive people on the planet. But his attitude is no gimmick. He stays the same every day of every year. That bothers some players who have been with Seattle for many years, such as Richard Sherman, but then those same players seem to return after their careers are over to help in Seattle's training camp.

I say all that because usually we don't see Pete Carroll get really mad but he was rightfully very angry after Geno Smith was called for intentional grounding in the fourth quarter. On the play, Smith had checked off and everyone seemed to understand the re-set of the play except Tyler Lockett. The problem was the play was then designed to go to Lockett but he ran an out-route and Smith threw a go-pattern. Smith got the ball off within two seconds of the snap and was under no pressure, but the referees, completely misunderstanding the NFL rule for intentional grounding, thought Smith was throwing the ball away.

The referees' call was awful. Smith tried to explain what happened to the referee who then told Smith he was "talking to America" and brushed Smith aside. On the sidelines, however, Carroll was screaming at the closest referee. While anger is rarely the best emotion, seeing Carroll, who is normally composed, screaming at such a stupid call was extremely cathartic.