4 Seahawks players who need a monster offseason in 2024

These players need to prove themselves to a new coaching staff.
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Dre'Mont Jones - Seahawks DL

Jones was either far overvalued by general manager John Schneider in 2023 free agency, got poor coaching, or was a bad fit on the defense last year. No matter what the issue was, he was not anywhere near as good as Schneider hoped when he signed the defensive line to a three-year deal with a maximum of $51 million. But Jones flashed disruptive ability near the end of 2023 when he was moved back to more of a defensive end than defensive tackle spot.

This offseason, Jones needs to dedicate himself to learning Macdonald's scheme and preparing for any situation in 2024. His problem is not one of lack of athletic ability but applying that ability to the scheme. Jones has been a good player in the league but not overly explosive so one might ask if he is simply not capable of being so or if he has not had the right direction in coaching yet.

He has twice reached a career-high of 6.5 sacks and has twice reached 20 pressures. But he is so consistently just below being very good that he probably could take another step toward greatness. He clearly was underused and ill-served with the Seahawks in 2023 as former head coach Pete Carroll and former defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt did not know how to use him.

If Jones shows up to all the minicamps and training camp mentally prepared to have a great season, he likely will. Macdonald is going to streamline the defensive communications so every player understands what they are doing and why they are doing it. Jones could come close to double-digit sacks for the first time in 2024.