3 quarterbacks who could eventually replace Seattle Seahawks Geno Smith

The Seahawks may soon need to replace their current starting QB for several reasons and these three QBs could replace him.

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Seahawks could replace Geno Smith with Trey Lance

Trey Lance has had a really rough going in the NFL thus far. After trading three first-round picks for him, the 49ers would have Lance sit behind veteran QB Jimmy Garoppolo for a year in 2021. Letting him develop and learn for a year, with good reasoning as Lance was widely viewed as a "raw" prospect coming out of the draft, and would need some time before getting acclimated to the speed of the NFL.

After being named the starter for the 2022 NFL season, things would just go as disastrous as they possibly could for Lance the moment he stepped on the field. His first action as a full-time starter would come against the Chicago Bears, in what was one of the rainiest games in NFL history. Players were slipping and sliding everywhere, so given the extreme weather, Lance wasn't able to throw as much as he anticipated. However, he showed flashes of his arm talent and made a couple of nice throws down the field when he could.

Then would come week 2, it was a sunny day in Santa Clara, and it was an exciting one. As 49ers fans would be able to see their number 3 overall draft pick finally run a full offense and be used to his full capabilities. But fortune wouldn't be on the side of Lance once again, he would end up not only fracturing but dislocating his ankle. Which would end up causing him to miss the rest of the season.

Iowa State QB Brock Purdy, who was drafted by the 49ers at pick number 262 - Yes, the last pick in the draft. Making him the NFL's "Mr. Irrelevant" for that year. Purdy would shock everyone, as he would perform really well under Kyle Shanahan, and help lead the 49ers to an NFC championship appearance, and may have gone even further if not for his unfortunate injury early in the game.

Shanahan was so impressed by his performance that all offseason he wasn't afraid to admit that Purdy would be the starter in Week 1 if healthy. He then doubled down on this statement by saying Purdy would "have to melt" in practice in order to lose the job. Lance didn't help his case for potentially being the starter either in his preseason performance recently against the Raiders. A game in which he looked completely unprepared, holding onto the ball too long and seeming completely overwhelmed.

With Shanahan seeming to go in a different direction, the 49ers would be wise to move off of Lance before they're unable to recoup any assets for him. Lance needs to be somewhere where he's given a much bigger leash than he has in San Fransisco. The 49ers are a team that is looking to win now, and Lance isn't ready to lead a team deep into the playoffs. Reasonably so as he's played one and a half games in the NFL.

The Seahawks are the perfect fit for Lance as a player. They've got a coach who's not afraid to give guys opportunities when they're deserved. They've got the surrounding weapons around him, and they've also got the winning culture that Lance could learn and thrive in under Pete Carroll. He'd be a cheaper alternative to trading up for a QB in the draft, and he's still only 23 years old. If they're willing to take the chance on Lance, then it could be a risk that pays off for Seattle for the next decade.

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