Seahawks rumor: 12s may want to make sure their Netflix accounts are up to date

The 2024 NFL schedule should be released next week.
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The 2024 NFL schedule seems set to be released on Wednesday, May 15, though the NFL has not officially confirmed that. There are so many various reputable media reports stating that May 15 is the date, though, football fans should likely assume that to be true. Most importantly, for 12s this means that fans will know when the Seattle Seahawks are playing their games.

The 2024 opponents were already known, of course. The NFL rotates divisions facing each other so Seattle already knew they would be playing the AFC East and NFC North this season. After finishing third in the NFC West, the Seahawks also knew they would be playing a third-place schedule. Seattle will obviously play each NFC West team twice so there was little mystery in the opponents.

The mystery comes in what order Seattle will play each team and which games will be in front of a national TV or streaming audience. Seattle played two Thursday night games in the 2023 season and that is unlikely to happen again in 2024. Maybe one Thursday night game, but not two (hopefully).

Seattle Seahawks have a small chance of playing on Netflix on Christmas Day

But because the league will try to take advantage of any cash grab it can, the NFL decided that for the first time, the league would have two Christmas Day games when the holiday did not fall on a Saturday or Sunday. To make matters worse for teams, Christmas 2024 is on a Wednesday and so late in the season that four teams are likely playing on extremely short schedules ahead of any postseason chances.

That is the epitome of being more concerned about making money than caring about players' health.

According to some media outlets, including Puck (subscription required) and Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, Netflix could be the host of the two Christmas Day games this season. Nothing has yet been officially agreed to, but Netflix has a lot of money and the NFL wants some of that money so the collaboration seems likely to happen.

So what are the chances the Seahawks play on Netflix on Christmas Day? Seattle has played on Thanksgiving Day five times, including last season when the team played the San Francisco 49ers. The only time Seattle played at home was in 2023 and traveled for the rest of the games. Seattle also played on Christmas Eve last season and traveled to play the Tennessee Titans.

In other words, there is a small chance that the NFL wants to screw over 12s again in 2024. The Seahawks could easily find themselves playing on Christmas Day, but based on the history of Seattle playing on holidays, 12s will probably have to watch on TV (or Netflix!) because Seattle will probably not play in Seattle.

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