Seahawks Rumors: 3 players Seattle should definitely not trade at the deadline

The NFL trade deadline is on October 31.
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Seattle should not trade running back DeeJay Dallas

Dallas is also a free agent after 2023. He and Parkinson are part of the same 2020 draft class that is turning out to be a decent one. Along with Dallas and Parkinson, that year's draft class includes Darrell Taylor, Jordyn Brooks, and Damien Lewis. Dallas has at least two seasons on every other player in Seattle's running back room. But this year, Dallas has proved himself to be valuable in many ways.

Dallas is trending toward a career low in carries and rushing yards - he has just 5 rushes for 14 yards - but we have seen that he is capable of being a solid backup and can spell starters when needed. He averaged 5.3 yards a rush in 2022 and he also caught 17 passes. His raw numbers in terms of yards per carry and yards per reception would likely increase should he be forced into more reps if Kenneth Walker III and Zach Charbonnet be hurt (let's just hope that doesn't happen, of course).

But in 2023, Dallas has been Seattle's main kick returner and punt returner and he been excellent at both. Dallas doesn't really have explosive speed (he's quick, but not a sprinter), but he's smart in when he returns a kick and his running back experience allows him to know how to avoid open-field tackles. Dallas is fifth in the league in yards per punt return (13.6) and he has a long of 32. Dallas leads the league in yards per kickoff return at 25.7 as far as players who have enough kickoff returns to qualify.

Is DeeJay Dallas a great football player? No. Few are. But he's the kind of player who is willing to do the little things that helps a team win and every team needs players like DeeJay Dallas.

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