Former Seahawks QB Russell Wilson almost traded to Eagles: Who cares?

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Last year 12s may have heard the Seahawks almost traded Russell Wilson to the Eagles. He went to the Broncos instead. Two words: Who cares?

This storyline seems to have been going on for a year now. Last offseason when the Seahawks were thinking of trading Russell Wilson, there was a chance he might have gone to the Philadelphia Eagles. He didn't. Instead, the Seahawks robbed the Denver Broncos and Wilson went there and in return, Seattle got a bunch of draft capital and solid players like Noah Fant.

I guess one reason Wilson didn't go to the Eagles is that in Wilson's infinite wisdom (I hope you can imply the sarcasm there) he blocked the trade. So, it wasn't Seattle that didn't want what Philly had to offer, it was that Wilson didn't want to play there. Mind you, the Eagles made the Super Bowl last season and might have had Wilson been their quarterback. Maybe Wilson simply was afraid of throwing another interception at the end of a Super Bowl loss?

Seattle Seahawks are better off without Russell Wilson

My point in all this is that the trade didn't happen. And 12s should be glad. Russell Wilson went to the Denver Broncos and had a terrible year and Wilson had a terrible season and the Seahawks were awarded because of that bad Wilson news. Seattle ended up with the Broncos number 5 overall choice in the 2023 NFL draft and Seattle chose cornerback Devon Witherspoon.

Meanwhile, Wilson's poor play along with his team's awfulness got Wilson's new coach fired during the 2022 season. And 12s should have cared about that in 2022. But we shouldn't care about where Russell Wilson wasn't traded to or what he does in 2023.

The reasons are: Seattle doesn't win by Wilson losing this coming season and this whole Wilson deal was over a year ago now. Since Wilson was traded, Geno Smith proved himself to be a pretty good starting quarterback and the team made the playoffs.

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The Seahawks have shed their Wilson skin and have been the better for it. Anything else being talked about for "what if" Wilson had been traded to the Eagles instead of the Broncos is simply sites trying to find things to discuss in June when there is little else to write about.