Seattle Seahawks Schedule 2023: Game-by-game predictions for upcoming season

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Seahawks game-by-game predictions Weeks 2 and 3

Seattle at the Detroit Lions, Week 2 at 10 am PT

Detroit has beaten the Seahawks once since 1999. In fact, Seattle has won five straight since 2012. These two teams don't play much - just 17 times since 1976 - and while Seattle does win the majority of times over the last two decades, the games can be, well...weird.

In 2015, Seattle won in Week 4 after Kam Chancellor ended his hold out and saved the game by punching the ball out of receiver Calvin Johnson's hand just as Johnson was about the cross the goal line to likely win the game for Detroit. In 2022, Seattle won 48-45 even though Seattle led 38-23 entering the fourth quarter. But that was a long time ago and before Kenneth Walker III even became RB1 in Seattle.

According to Peter King and NBC Sports, the Lions are ranked 6th in the power rankings entering the season. Seattle is 12th. This means that the Lions could easily be favored to beat the Seahawks. Plus, like Seattle, Detroit believes 100 percent in their coach and that makes them tough to beat. Still, why mess with recent history? Seattle wins 34-30.

Seattle at home versus the Carolina Panthers, Week 3 at 1:05 pm PT

The Seahawks managed to do something quite strange in 2022. They lost to every NFC South team and every NFC South team finished with a losing record. Even after all that, Seattle still made the playoffs somehow. Just imagine how better Seattle's playoff standing might have been if they had gone even 2-2 against not-good NFC South teams.

Carolina wasn't good in 2022, and they likely won't be much better in 2023. The Panthers are building for what they hope is future success and will likely be starting a rookie quarterback. Carolina in two or three years could be really good, and Seattle needs to remember that the Panthers defeated them in 2022. Seattle wins 28-17.