3 worst-case scenarios for the Seahawks in the 2023 NFL draft

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The Seattle Seahawks are set, right? The team has four draft picks in the top 52 of the 2023 NFL draft. 2022 was a great draft class for Seattle so with even better draft capital in this year's draft, 2023 should be better than 2022, one might think.

But 2022 was such a fantastic draft class for the Seahawks compared to most recent drafts that it is almost easy for a 12 to overlook maybe last year was a one-off. Seattle didn't overthink the class last year. They needed a left tackle and they chose one (Charles Cross) at pick number 9 overall and didn't do the Seattle norm of trading back.

Seattle needed a running back and they got one in the second round (Kenneth Walker III). The same could be said for edge rusher. The Seahawks need a couple and they got one high in the second round (Boye Mafe). But with so much opportunity in the 2023 draft, Seattle could try to do too much.

3 things that could go terribly wrong for the Seahawks in the 2023 NFL draft

Worst-case scenario No. 1: Teams above Seattle don't take quarterbacks

I think most people safely assume that the Panthers, who currently hold the number 1 choice, will take a quarterback. But maybe just as many people assume that the Texans will take a quarterback as well. But Houston has a new general manager, Nick Caserio, who is from the mold of Bill Belichick. Belichick likes to build his teams through great defense so Houston could decide the quarterbacks they currently have are OK which means the Texans go defense first.

Plus, Houston also has the number 12 overall pick. There could be a quarterback at that slot they could choose as well. So what if the Texans decide they want to go with edge rusher Will Anderson, Jr.? This means Arizona sitting at number 3 overall is less likely to trade back as teams behind them will have more of an opportunity to take a QB. Arizona then takes Jalen Carter.

The Colts will likely choose a quarterback at pick 4, but by the time the Seahawks' pick at number 5 comes around, both Anderson and Carter could be gone. Tyree Wilson might still be available if Seattle likes him, but Wilson isn't really a great fit in Seattle's system. Sure, Seattle should still get a good player at 5, but maybe not one as potentially great as Anderson or Carter.