3 worst contracts on the Seattle Seahawks 2023 roster

The three players on this list need to be very productive to be worthy of their bloated contracts.

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The Seattle Seahawks made a smart move when they traded quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos prior to the 2022 season, and the move has worked out for many reasons. One important one is that Seattle created a lot more cap room than they would have had if Wilson was still on the roster. This allowed Seattle to be fairly aggressive in free agency this year.

Next offseason, however, Seattle is going to have to make some decisions about getting rid of some players currently under contract for 2024. This is especially true as the Seahawks have a young and talented roster and those guys are going to want to get paid as well in the coming seasons. What Seattle does to address the 2024 cap will, of course, affect what happens in 2025.

So which players might be on the 2023 roster that are overpaid this year? Should some restructuring happen now to help next year and beyond go more smoothly? The three players that follow are a bit overpaid for the Seahawks currently.

No. 3 - Seahawks safety Jamal Adams

The hope is that Adams can play fairly early in 2023. There even seem to be some hints that there is no doubt he's going to play. If he does, he could change how aggressive the Seahawks' defense can be, and possibly Adams plays some kind of hybrid safety/linebacker role. But first, he just needs to make it through training camp (I would say preseason games as well but it seems highly doubtful he would participate in those) unscathed and ready to produce in Week 1.

Adams has the highest cap hit of anyone on the team at $18,110,000. Again, it's not like he doesn't want to play and earn his paycheck, but for once since 2020 he needs to do so. He makes Seattle defense a whole lot better when he is being his ultra-maniacal self on the football field. With Adams on the field, opposing offenses may not really know what to expect. Or Adams could miss most of the season again and Seattle would just be eating his immense $18 million contract.