3 Seattle Seahawks fan favorites who likely won't be back in 2024

With limited cap space, 12s might have to say goodbye to these players.
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The Seattle Seahawks have a cap problem in 2024. The issue is they have no money to spend. The team is currently 24th in cap room heading into the offseason but has negative cap space. Some players currently on the roster in 2024 will need to be released.

Plus, some players set to be free agents for Seattle will probably not be re-signed. Seattle has to sign its 2024 draft picks and then figure out which positions have the greatest need. The Seahawks are set to have no proven linebackers on the team next year, for instance.

I do not have Jamal Adams on the list of fan favorites that will likely not return as I think he has lost some luster. I could have included Quandre Diggs, but I did not. Diggs and Adams could easily be cap casualties due to the size of their contracts. But here are three other players who might not return.

Colby Parkinson might not return to the Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks only have one proven tight end under contract for 2024 and that is Will Dissly. Dissly has become more of a blocker than a pass receiver over the last couple of years so Seattle needs to find a couple of compliments to Dissly's blocking acumen who can catch the ball. Parkinson has proven to be a pretty reliable blocker as well in his four seasons, but he hasn't been given enough targets in the passing game.

Parkinson likely will not command a lot of the open free agency market as he hasn't had a chance to put up a bunch of great numbers. His agent will try to sell to the Seahawks and other teams that Parkinson has a career catch-rate of 73.5 percent and his run-block grade over the last two seasons, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required) is solid.

Parkinson can also run decently well after he has the ball in his hands and is tall enough to be used as a red-zone target. Seattle just rarely used him that way. Maybe whoever Seattle's new offensive coordinator is has a history of having productive tight ends, but if I was Parkinson I'd probably leave to go to a team that I know will give me more pass targets which will only increase my asking price the next time I am a free agent.