4 Seattle Seahawks living on borrowed time after free agency upheaval

These players might need to be worried about their spots on Seattle's depth chart.

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The Seattle Seahawks have overhauled their roster this offseason. The team will look differently both by the coaches on the sidelines and the many of the players on the field. Out is linebacker Bobby Wagner, for instance, and in is Tyrel Dodson.

To be fair general manager John Schneider is betting on himself to a great degree. He has the final roster decisions for the first time in his Seahawks career, and he is building the team he wants and not the one Pete Carroll likes. We won't know if this works until well into next season.

12s cannot be too sure the free agents signed from other teams will work out, either. There seems to be a lot of hoping for the best from certain players. No matter, these Seattle players should be a little nervous about their roster spots.

Seattle Seahawks right tackle Abraham Lucas might be nervous

The issue with Lucas is not that he has played poorly overall. He was not quite as good in 2023 as he was in 2022, but he also struggled more with a knee injury. That is the big problem for the right tackle. He has already had two major knee surgeries - one in college and one this offseason - but he is only in his second season in the NFL. This past season, he missed all the games between Weeks 1 and 13 and when he did return he had to be rotated out due to his stamina.

This offseason, Seattle did not just sign a random backup offensive tackle, either. They added George Fant who has mostly been a full-time starter since 2020. He can play either left tackle or right tackle, but Seattle does not currently have a need at left tackle because Charles Cross owns that spot. Signing Fant, who played for Seattle from 2016 through 2019, to a two-year deal seems to indicate that the Seahawks have a real worry about Lucas's long-term health.

There is little question that Lucas can be a good offensive tackle in the league because he flashed that in his rookie year of 2022. But there is no guarantee that Lucas, even with another surgery to hopefully correct his knee, will remain healthy enough to be counted on in most games every year. Fant might be more than Lucas's backup; he could be his eventual replacement.