Seattle Seahawks podcast: Making our choice for who should be the new head coach

Seattle is currently going through a second round of interviews with several candidates.
Stephen Brashear/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks have not given any real indication of what they are looking for in a new head coach. John Schneider and other front office members have interviewed offensive-minded coaches and defensive-minded coaches and there is a decent split between the two. Seattle has also interviewed veteran head coaches and guys who would be head coaches for the first time.

I am honestly not sure if all of that is good or bad. The team terminated Pete Carroll in the week after the regular season ended and one might think that the team would have a really good idea of who they wanted to replace Carroll with. Carroll was a defensive coach, so a change back to an offensive coach would make sense.

That Seattle is talking to so many coaches would imply they did not have a singular vision for what kind of head coach they want. Or maybe, and thinking of this positively, maybe the Seahawks have a great idea but they don't want to rule out getting blown away during an interview by a coach they didn't expect to interview so well. Better to be potentially making a bad mistake after unturning all stones, right?

Who will the Seattle Seahawks choose as their next head coach?

On this week's podcast, we name who we think should be the Seattle Seahawks next head coach. If the Seahawks do hire either one of our choices, and that coach is a complete failure, you can then blame us and not John Schneider and his work pals. We are OK with anger being directed our way.

We also discuss what we think about how the playoffs have gone so far and make our picks about who wins the AFC and NFC Championship games. Just do not bet on what we say because that almost guarantees you to lose your money. Saving money is not a bad thing.

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