Steelers fans appear desperate to acquire Seahawks' DK Metcalf

The chances of Seattle trading Metcalf seems extremely low.
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The Seattle Seahawks are not going to trade DK Metcalf and, frankly, many 12s are probably tired of reading about such drivel. If Seattle entertained the thought of moving Metcalf that was likely before the 2024 NFL draft when the team might have been able to get a decently high draft pick or two in return for the receiver. The move still would not have made sense, however.

Teams are constantly looking to get a receiver as good as Metcalf has been. But he might still have his best years ahead of him. He could see targets a lot more consistently, for example. In the weeks from eight through ten in 2023, his targets went from 14 to 4 and back to 12. From weeks 14 through 18, he only had one game where he had more than six targets. That is not enough.

One can assume Metcalf wants the ball a lot more and he deserves it. The good part is that the Seahawks have a new offensive coordinator, Ryan Grubb, who has shown in college, at least, that he knows how to spread the ball around while also getting his best players in a position to succeed. Metcalf is obviously one of Seattle's best players.

No, the Seahawks are not trading DK Metcalf to the Steelers

This is exactly why Pittsburgh Steelers' sites simply won't let go of the Steelers trading for DK Metcalf. Or Tyler Lockett. Or well, maybe any Seattle receiver. Possibly they have a thin hope of acquiring Metcalf because new Pittsburgh quarterback Russell Wilson used to throw him passes with the Seahawks. That is a stretch, however.

Steelers fans also might have gotten confirmation of their hopes this past week with a Denver radio host saying that Pittsburgh called Seattle to enquire about Metcalf and then the radio host (via X/Twitter) did not say that general manager John Schneider said "no." What should be noted is the host, Benjamin Allbright, was likely tweeting out of turn after he had been pressed by someone on social media to name-names. Allbright probably does not know of what he tweets.

Dave Bryan of Steelers Depot published an article discussing a potential trade of Metcalf to Pittsburgh. To be fair, the article is well-written and discusses Seattle's tight cap space and why it might make sense for Metcalf to be traded. Bryan also admits, however, that Seattle could make cap room in other ways than trading a foundational piece of the offense. He writes, "I can't, however, sit here and say who may or may not be in jeopardy of (being a cap casualty on the Seahawks) right now because I obviously don't follow the Seahawks closely." At least, he was honest.

DK Metcalf is going to be a Seattle Seahawk in 2024 and likely well beyond. The Pittsburgh Steelers, whose fans seem desperate to make a trade for a Seattle receiver, won't be acquiring one of Seattle's top three receivers. The 2024 season cannot come soon enough so that the speculation of Metcalf being traded can end.

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