2013 NFL Mock Draft The Seattle Seahawks Select…


I told you think was going to become a weekly feature for Tuesdays, did I not? This week, we’ll take a look at this draft which is featured currently on Fansided.com.

This draft, like many others, has the Seahawks taking a WR. I like the idea of the Seahawks taking a WR early, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Do the Seahawks need an early round WR to improve the offense? Yes, I think they do. But I also think that Pete Carroll loves his defense, and will use the first round pick on a DT.

Lets get to the pick:

"23. Seattle Seahawks – Keenan Allen – WR/CaliforniaSeattle is one of those teams on the cusp and is in what is shaping up to be the next great division in the NFC. But if they want to compete they need a true No. 1 receiver and that’s Keenan Allen. He’s tall, he’s productive and the only reason his stock isn’t higher is because he’s on an awful team. But if he can put up big numbers on a bad Cal team, Seahawks fans (and Russell Wilson) will love him in Seattle."

If this actually happens I will be seen doing backflips for a month. Getting Allen, at this point in the draft, would be such a draft steal that I can’t even describe it. Allen is the best WR in the draft. Period. He’s a true #1 receiver.

Getting a guy like Allen would mean amazing things to the Seahawks. Teams could no longer stack the line to stop Lynch. Sydney Rice would almost never see a double team. Wilson would have a guy who would be open on almost every play. Even the TE would be better, since they’d be covered by LBs more (and safeties less) since the S would be needed to double team Allen.

But alas, it wont happen. Allen dropping outside the top 10 isn’t likely. Dropping outside the top 20 would be a complete miracle.