Russell Wilson hate is extremely confusing


The saga of the Russell Wilson contract negotiations has taken a turn for the weird. Following his interview last night on ESPN, Wilson received a major fan-backlash on social media this morning.

Here is a very small fraction of what was posted on twitter today, but it is enough to get the idea of everything that was being said. (A lot of the worst ones could be used because of the language used.)

Honestly, this is a bit surprising. People are changing their opinions of Wilson entirely based on a contract negotiation process that we know very little about. He’s the same dynamic playmaker he’s always been, that hasn’t changed.

We really need to keep in mind that much of the drama thats unfolding in the media is a product of a few media members that are milking this story for all that it is worth while ignoring facts and details.

It is difficult to be patient at wait out a process like this, but is is what we must do. Wilson isn’t going anywhere, and he is going to be well compensated. This entire situation will work itself out eventually.

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