NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

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10. team. 55. The offense exploded against a bad 49ers secondary. The defense did a good job of shutting down the one-dimensional 49ers offense. . (43-18). Previous: 12th. Pittsburgh Steelers

Seattle Seahawks. 9. team. 36. Seattle needs to send out a search party to search for their missing TE. He’s tall, red haired, answers to Jimmy.. (27-17). Previous: 6th

team. 123. Dallas won, but they are in trouble now. Romo is now on IR Boomerang, Dez is on IR, and Whitten is also hurt.. (20-10). Previous: 7th. Dallas Cowboys. 8

An easy schedule has helped Carolina to a 2-0 record. Tougher tests are ahead, but cannot fault a team for beating the team across from them.. (24-17). Previous: 14th. Carolina Panthers. 7. team. 87

team. 44. Dan Quinn is making an easy case for coach of the year. This team is playing much better than anyone expected.. (24-20). Previous: 9th. Atlanta Falcons. 6

Last weeks description work here, so why change it: “When Andy Dalton doesn’t throw away games, the Bengals are tough to beat. Cincinnati got “good Andy Dalton” this week and thus got a dominant win.”. (24-19). Previous: 5th. Cincinnati Bengals . 5. team. 56

team. 45. Last weeks description work here as well: “The defense dominated, but Peyton Manning looked nothing like Peyton Manning. This appears to be the end of the line for the future Hall of Famer.”. (31-24). Previous: 4th. Denver Broncos. 4

32. Another win against another week team. Can they sustain this once the schedule gets tougher? We’ll find out eventually.. (48-23). Previous: 3rd. Arizona Cardinals. 3. team

New England Patriots. 2. team. 47. Scoring 40 against that Buffalo defense is impressive. Giving up 32 to that poor Buffalo offense is less impressive. A win is a win though.. (40-32). Previous: 2nd

49. Week 2 was a huge win for the Packers. It took a big fourth quarter, but beating a good Seattle team puts Green Bay in the driver’s seat in the NFC.. (27-17). Previous: 1st. Green Bay Packers. 1. team

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