Tyler Lockett’s touchdown: a well blocked return


A defining moment of the Seattle Seahawks’ blowout win over the Bears last week was Tyler Lockett’s 105-yard kick return for a touchdown. Lockett gets all the credit for the score, but it was the blocking in from top him that made it happen.

The end zone angle of the play makes that very obvious. It is amazing that Lockett didn’t even have to change directions throughout most of the return. Let’s take a look at the film.

When Lockett catches the ball, the blocking in the center of the field is already well established. Unless someone loses their block, there are only three players capable of making a play for the Bears here. Lockett’s speed will negate one, and the two up-backs will take out the other two.

By the time Lockett hits the five yard line, stopping Lockett has become the job of one man. One missed block has freed up up a defender, so the lead blockers can only remove two of the three threats on that sideline.

A clear lane is being established behind those blockers. Lockett gets to hit that lane as full speed.

Remember that one unblocked defender? An aware blocker notice him, and decides to come back and pick him up. Problem solved.

By the time Lockett hits the lane, the only player with a shot at him is the kicker. In other word, no one has a shot at tackling Lockett. It should be noted that this is the first time in the entire return that Lockett has to change directions.

Keep running kicker, you might catch him! Lockett is gone. With his speed, this was a guaranteed touchdown the moment Lockett hit that running lane. There’s nothing stopping him now.

The entire return is very well blocked. It is easier to appreciate just how straight of a line Lockett was able to take when watching the replay. Lockett’s speed was important for the return, but it was a touchdown because of the excellent blocking in front of him.

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