4 biggest strengths of the Seattle Seahawks entering the 2023 season

  • The Seahawks nailed free agency
  • We have yet to see the best of Geno Smith
  • Momentum of last season will continue in 2023
Seattle Seahawks
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Retained and added more free agents than lost

It's always challenging for any NFL team to re-sign all their free agents, no matter how vital they have been during their time on the team.

However, the Seahawks got lucky this offseason by retaining several critical free-agent players and adding quality talent to their team rather than losing top performers to other teams.

The most prominent of players re-signed is simple; Nick Bellore for his special teams' production and leadership, Jason Myers for his Pro Bowl kicking performance last season, and, of course, Geno Smith to lead the offense once again.

Diving into adding players to the roster, the objective was clear; address the weakest parts of the team while also strengthening the parts that were the most successful in 2022.

And boy, did they do just that.

The focus was most certainly on the defense, a unit that was one of the strongest parts of the team throughout last season. Headlined by the return of six-time Pro Bowl linebacker Bobby Wagner, the Seahawks also brought in the top available defensive lineman Dre'Mont Jones, a noteworthy move as they hope to create a disruptive defensive line once again, which is also why they reunited with Jarran Reed.

Continuing to add more to the defense, linebacker Devin Bush was signed, and versatile safety Julian Love was also brought in. Both have the keys to being immediate playmakers in the evolving defense, making them even more exciting additions to the list.

Although some holes within the roster were left untouched in free agency, Carroll and Schneider addressed them through the draft, evening out the roster and making them an overall skilled team.