Justin Fields to Seattle making more sense by the day as Seahawks rumors heat up

Should Seattle trade for Chicago's quarterback?

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For the first time in what feels like decades, the Seattle Seahawks cannot be too sure about who their backup quarterback will be in the next season. For years, Russell Wilson was the starter and someone who would never play was the backup. From 2019 through 2021, that was Geno Smith, and then Smith had Drew Lock the last couple of years.

The difference between this year and previous years is that the previous season's backup is definitely not going to return. Lock was signed as a free agent by the New York Giants. Smith was going to be the starter even had Lock returned, of course, but then Smith may not be the long-term QB1 in Seattle either.

There might be an easy fix as the Seahawks could draft a quarterback this year. The question is how high and who. Should the quarterback be taken late in the draft, there is no real guarantee they are good enough to even play in the NFL, especially get a number of snaps should Smith be injured. If Seattle takes a quarterback in the first round then 12s can assume the Seahawks have a one-year fix but will need a backup quarterback the following season after the rookie eventually replaces Smith.

Should the Seattle Seahawks make a trade for Justin Fields?

There also appears to be a growing potential for Seattle to add Justin Fields through a trade with the Chicago Bears. While Fields has not proven to be worth using regularly - he is inaccurate with questionable on-field decisions - he is also still young (he is only 25 years old) and he has not had 1) good offensive coaching in the NFL, or 2) much offensive talent around him.

No, I am not saying I think Justin Fields would come to the Seahawks and be a good quarterback for many years. But ESPN's Louis Riddick seems to think so.

The other part that could work out for Seattle is that Chicago's asking price for Fields has to be going down. Teams are not going to give the Bears a first-round choice. Maybe not even a second-round pick. The Seahawks could offer one of their third-round selections along with a player of not-high importance.

At least adding Fields would not be a long-term commitment. He is only under contract for one more season. That would be enough time for head coach Mike Macdonald and general manager John Schneider to figure out if they want to keep Fields around. But as Seattle only has one quarterback currently and Fields' trade value is getting lower, why not try to bring the Bears quarterback to Seattle? 12s just shouldn't expect Fields to be any better than Geno Smith because he won't be.

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