Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Justin Fields and the NFC playoff picture

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Jamal Adams' infamous tweet

A reporter who covers the New York Giants and Jamal Adams' former team, the New York Jets, reposted a tweet of Jamal Adams giving up a late touchdown pass to Dallas Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson in Week 13 and captioned the tweet, "Yikes." The reporter in question, Connor Hughes, appears to have a fairly long history of dogging Adams on social media. I assume he would not do the same face-to-face, but that is what it is, I guess.

Adams, however, took the "Yikes" personally and responded by posting a tweet (or X or whatever you are supposed to call those posts on the dying medium) with a photo of Hughes' wife and captioned that, "Yikes!" Some football fans found that funny and thought Adams had a right to respond to Hughes for Hughes treatment of Jamal Adams over the years.

But here is the difference between Hughes' tweets and Adams'. Hughes appeared to always comment on what Adams did professionally - play football - and did not bring Adams' family and friends into the discussion. As far as we know, Hughes' wife had no beef with Adams. But Adams basically made his response about an innocent person instead of Hughes himself.

How would you feel if you were talking to someone on social media and they found a photo of your significant other and made a disparaging remark about that person? That would seem wrong, wouldn't it? And you'd be mad. You would have a right to be. Jamal Adams did delete his tweet after likely realizing his response, but the damage was done.