3 potential landing spots for Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett

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Green Bay Packers

Lockett isn’t a pure replacement for Davante Adams but neither would Metcalf be at Metcalf’s stage in his career. But Aaron Rodgers would no doubt love to throw to a receiver like Lockett. Lockett has the speed to get past corners but is also a smart player and such a good route runner that he can find the open spaces in the middle of the defense.

Lockett’s numbers would with Rodgers. No offense to Russell Wilson but he is no Aaron Rodgers on the field. Rodgers throws receivers open in a way Wilson can’t. Lockett already has the ability to get open on his own but is nuanced enough to trick a defender into thinking Lockett is covered. Lockett could break away late and allow Rodgers to throw him open deep.

With Rodgers, Lockett would likely have more catches, more yards and more touchdowns in a season than he ever has before. And for the Packers, Lockett is already signed through 2025, or just one year longer than Rodgers is as 2025 and 2026 are voidable years for Rodgers and Green Bay. Green Bay is in win-now mode and adding Lockett allows them to be better.

Seattle might even be able to pry one of Green Bay’s two first-round picks in 2022 from the Packers, maybe even pick number 22. If Green Bay were to throw in a third- or fourth-round pick in 2022 or 2023 along with the 22nd choice overall in 2022, I say Seattle should make the deal.